Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this service needed?

There is no equivalent Consultancy-led service.

Is that not what Counselling provides?

Counselling and Consultancy are entirely different.


Counselling does not provide actual solutions.

And Consultancy?

Consultancy should identify specific solutions.

How is this initiative able to commit to doing so?

By deriving output based on Core understandings.

What are they?

The soundest Bedrock understandings in existence.

Where do they come from?

Disparate forms of expertise.

Is there a commitment to publish the Core material?



When they can be released meaningfully for the benefit of everyone.

Is the project looking for a way to achieve this ideal?


What would it take?

Practical access to wide-scale reach.

And in the meantime?

They will be enshrined in Trust arrangements.

What will be the primary objective?

Helping the disadvantaged.

And, more widely?

For the benefit of upcoming generations.


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